Let’s get you some tickets for Long Division!

The quickest place to get tickets to any part of Long Division is through See Tickets here. This includes our main huge event on Saturday June 6th, but will also include other events on Thursday June 4th, Friday June 5th and Sunday June 7th, once announced. 

Tickets for Saturday June 6th are also available through Jumbo Records, Crash Records and Wah Wah Records. Support them if you can!

Be aware that there are a few extra tickets options for Saturday June 6th.

  • We offer group tickets, meaning five people can attend for the price of four.
  • There is a pre-order option on a compilation vinyl we are producing, featuring then new and emerging acts at the festival. Buy that alongside your ticket and you’ll get the heavyweight vinyl for just £12.50.
  • U18s can attend Long Division for just £1! Some venue restrictions apply – contact us if you have any questions.

Ticket policy available here.