Support Us

When we all entered lockdown in March 2020, none of us could have really envisioned quite how long this thing was going to last. 

We’ve rescheduled our festival multiple times, as well as other project work, all while trying to survive as a business and support others in our community. Our amazing supporters pledged over £7000 in Summer 2020 to keep us going the rest of the year. It seemed likely that that would be all we need, but here we are in 2021 with a return to social activity and live music still a long way away.

If you are able, and if you feel inclined to support us then there are four main ways you can support us. Be assured every penny goes towards keeping us afloat, which in turn allows us to support others. Here’s some ideas:

  1. Buy one of our compilations. These vary from Pay What You Feel records to our most recent vinyl compilation for £15. The older records have some great tracks, including some from headliners. 155 tracks available as Pay What You Feel – great value and plenty to explore!
  2. Buy some Merch. We’ve had some great new merch made up this year, from exclusive T-shirts to Songbooks to “10 Years” anniversary badges. Every purchase helps us keep going!
  3. Buy your September 2021 ticket. We know it’s human nature to wait until the last minute, but if you buy in advance, it really helps secure our future and build confidence in the event.
  4. Become a Patron. This varies from £3 – £10 a month and is a great way to offer consistent support. Plus, it comes with lots of perks.

Or… just like and share our posts on social media. It really makes a huge difference!

Thank you so much for reading and take care of yourselves.

Team Long Division