Covid Guidance

Since we first postponed our festival in March 2020, we’ve taken Covid 19 and its effects very seriously, following guidelines and putting our audience and artists first.

Today, with all formal restrictions lifted, our approach is led by these same things, but without clear or direct guidance from the Government. Here we will explain our approach but in short, the key points are:

  • Anyone with any of the Covid 19 symptoms should not attend the festival.
  • Attendees to any aspect of Long Division Festival are requested to take a test prior to attending to event, regardless of how many times they have been vaccinated. This is a request, not a requirement. All of Long Division’s staff will be required to present a negative test before commencing work
  • We request, if you are able, to wear a mask in indoor spaces unless you are drinking or a safe distance away from other audience members.
  • Please continue to use the track and trace app and sign in at venues using the QR codes.
  • Respect one another. That, above all, is the key thing. Everyone has had different experiences and is in different places. Respect their decisions and respect their space, whether they are other audience members, staff, artists or volunteers.

Why not insist on negative test results before entry?

Long Division is a city centre festival that predominantly takes place indoors. This brings with it a number of challenges that can’t easily be overcome. For clarity of anyone new to Long Division or this type of event, we feel we should be clear how this will work.

All attendees will swap their ticket for a wristband at the start of their day. This gains them access to participating venues. They are then free to come and go between those venues over the course of the day, up to 12 hours..

However, they are also free to go to none festival venues, such as pubs, takeaways, shops etc. Also, some of the venues are “fringe” meaning they are free entry to the public.

This means the Long Division audience is not self contained, as it might be a greenfield festival with a fence around the boundary. This is the reason that insisting on negative tests would be a futile gesture.

Will the venues be crowded?

Long Division has always made use of the city’s smaller spaces, but in the fallout from Covid 19, Wakefield simply doesn’t have large venues that we can use. In terms of the quality of the festival, we feel this offers a chance to use quirky and interesting places.

But from a health perspective it again offers challenges. To combat this, we have ensured that most of our headliners (5 of the top 7) perform in our one large space – WX (former market hall). This is a very large space that even at capacity will remain roomy, with an outdoor space.

Other venues vary in capacity from 80 to 150. This is simply the nature of our event which is aimed at promoting grassroots music. The overall capacity of the event is being capped to ensure that all the venues cannot be full at the same time. There should always be somewhere else to go.

What if I don’t feel comfortable?

Our feeling is that this is going to be the first event of this kind that most audiences have been to since Covid began. That is true for most of our team too.

It will feel strange to begin with, but by being present at this event you are part of welcoming back live music to our lives. Whether you are at the front dancing around, leaning against the back wall or even listening through the window; you are part of that and together we will make it through.

If, having read the guidance, you don’t feel the event is right for you we are happy to offer a refund, as we always have. Or if you have concerns on the day, please speak to our staff and we will do our best to make things better.

Any other questions?

Please drop us an email at with any other concerns or questions. Please appreciate we are very busy at the moment, but if you title it with ‘Covid Concern’ we will endeavor to get straight back to you.