Ticketing Policy

Tickets for June 11th 2022:

1. Paid tickets allows access to all aspects of Long Division Festival on June 11th 2022 when exchanged for a festival wristband.

2. All individual aspects of Long Division 2022 are subject to individual capacities; once events reach capacity, access will be refused; avoid disappointment by arriving at individual shows early.

3. Individual venues may have differing age restrictions. Please check the website for details.

4. Those who require assistance from a carer or support at the festival are entitled to a free ticket for their designated support. Please contact us on info@longdivision.org to arrange this and to enable us to support your specific needs.

5. Neither the promoter, event partners or the venues involved have any further liability beyond the face value of the ticket.

6. Tickets cannot be refunded unless the event is cancelled or two or more headline acts are cancelled a month prior to the festival, or prior.

7. Tickets can only be refunded for the costs of purchase at the point of purchase – evidence or purchase will be required.

Please exchange this ticket at the start of your Long Division day at the WRISTBAND EXCHANGE. This ticket alone will not give you access to venues. The location of the wristband exchange will be publicised prior to the event.