Become A Patron

Becoming a Patron is an amazing way to support Long Division all year round. Patreon is similar to crowdfunding, but involves smaller but regular monthly donations, in return for unique and exciting opportunities. You can find out more right here.

In 2019 our Patrons made our #YoungTeam project possible, directly supporting the education of young people in Wakefield. Into 2020 it will continue to support new and innovative projects, on similar lines toour Manifesto For A New Wakefield project in the video above.

In return? Depending on your level support you can get all sorts of perks, from money off merchandise to access to every show we put on across the year. We are also beginning to organise Patron socials and inviting the wider Patron team to help us create the festival lineup and dictate the future direction of the festival.


Why are the Patreon tiers shown in dollars?

The Patreon site is hosted in the US and there is not an option to switch it to pounds. On balance, we felt the site, including all the behind the scenes stuff was good enough to warrant the dollar issue.

Does that mean I will be charged additional fees?

It is dependent on your bank or how you choose to setup the payment but it is possible. Some banks include their fee within the exchange rate they will give for the transfer. It’s difficult for us to be clear on this completely but as far as we are aware it is always based upon a % of the fee being paid, so can never really come to too much. It seems so far that, due to the current exchange rates, a $5 level of support is coming out pretty close to a £5 donation once fees etc are factored in.

When will I be charged?

Patreon will charge you immediately upon sign up and then on the first of the month for all future calendar months.

Can I cancel if I want to?

You can cancel at anytime you wish. Just bare in mind that tiers that offer tickets and such require you to be a Patron at the time of the event.