Long Division 2022 First Announcements

Well! Usually, it’s a long turn around from one festival to the next. But as we only wrapped up LD2021 4 months ago, this simultaneously feels really quick and like a whole other lifetime has passed.

Clearly Covid is still around (quite a few of our team have had it for the first time, after almost 2 years avoiding it) but we feel so much more positive about this year’s festival. We’ve pulled together our first announcements and we’re super pleased with them. As ever, we try to bring together some of those legendary – but still very active and creating – artists and place them against the best emerging artists, plus a few leftfield oddities. Around 40 more will be added in a few months time.

So why not come join us in Wakefield? 70+ bands over 12 hours in 9 venues no more than 7 minutes apart. For £30-odd quid!

And if you are new to us, well, we are also a non-profit organisation that puts it’s money into community ventures, including an award winning education programme called #YoungTeam that is creating the next gen of musicians and promoters in our city.

See you in Wakefield!