#YoungTeam Education Programme Launched

For years we’ve been trying to engage young people in Long Division. In Wakefield, that is a difficult thing, but we believe it’s important for the future good of the city.

It took a bit a of work and alot of vision but we’re delighted to have secured funding from Wakefield Community Foundation to run a project we are calling #YoungTeam. This will see us as a team deliver a Silver Level Arts Award (that’s a good GCSE) to at least 10 young people from Wakefield. That will cover DIY event creation and promotion + lots more and will hopefully give them the skills and desire to go on and create more events in our city.

It’s a hugely new thing for us but we are so excited by it. The team of young people will deliver their final project at the festival itself, presenting their own stage or event with a budget provided by us.

For more info, take a look here.