The Real Junk Food Project

The Real Junk Food Project is a simple idea with a huge global impact – intercepting perfectly edible food that would have otherwise been wasted and making it available on a Pay As You Feel basis (PAYF). TRJFP operates a network of PAYF cafes and our Kindness Sharehouse in Wakefield, the worlds first 24/7 social supermarket intercepting food from 92 stores a week for people to donate money, time or skills for. In 5 years since starting, TRJFP has intercepted 5000 tonnes of food, the equivalent of 11.9 million meals – so we can really feed the world.

What is PAYF? 

By having no prices on any of our produce, we ask you to reconnect with your food and it’s real value to you as a resource – and make you question what you consider waste. It also means anyone, not subject to income, can access fresh food, a human right, by giving skills or time. We feed bellies, not bins.