The Membranes

In 2010 legendary, and highly influential UK band The Membranes reformed at the request of their former support band My Bloody Valentine to play the All Tommorrows Parties festival. The band received a rapturous response that sparked a fully blown reformation which saw them quickly move forward and record their first new album for 25 years – the critically acclaimed Dark Matter/Dark Energy.

The album is the best-selling record in their history, and sparked a major rekindling of interest in the band who are quoted as an influence by bands as diverse as Mercury Rev, Sonic Youth, Steve Albini, Napalm Death who quote them as investing grindcore, Therapy, Clint Mansell, Flaming Lips, Wedding Present and many others.

With contemporaries like The Fall, Birthday Party and Einsturzende Neubauten the band were responsible for an artful and highly original reshaping of rock music, taking post punk into new shapes that combined noise and beauty, decibels and silence, lyrical skree poetry and thrilling dark new sounds that were a key influence.

Ever eager to move on, the band, built around UK music legend, author and boss of leading culture website Louder Than War, John Robb are working on a new album (due 2018) that will feature a choir that they have been working with, gathering great reviews at UK festivals and across Europe, in conjunction with their self made film used as a spectacular backdrop coupled with a stunning light show that results in an epic live performance.