The Fish Finger Bar

We provide tasty food that both adults and children have enjoyed for generations but added a twist here and there for those that fancy something other than burgers and sausages.

We have a variety of sauces, including all your favourites; tomato ketchup, tartar, salad cream, mayonnaise, brown sauce but also ones you might not have thought of such as sweet chilli.

You can have your fish finger sandwich on thick sliced bread or in a bap but our wraps are worth trying if you are really hungry. We whack our wraps on the grill, stuff them with fish fingers, fresh salad, coleslaw and you can choose to add either halloumi or cheddar cheese (or both if you like) and then top it off with a sauce of your choice.

If you don’t like fish but fancy something different, we do a very tasty halloumi wrap, just as filling with grilled halloumi piled on salad, cheddar, coleslaw and sauce.