Scott Wainwright

Scott Wainwright is a Yorkshire based singer-songwriter and
instrumentalist. His music draws from various musical genres including Blues,
Gospel, Folk and Hip Hop as well as various ‘World’ musics, such as African,
Hawaiian and Indian.

Working with acoustic finger style and bottleneck guitar, harmonica and
occasional banjo, Scott draws on his wide love for these types of music and
celebrates the joy of pure creativity.

Writing and performing both vocal and instrumental pieces, Scott records
regularly and now has a vast and diverse back catalogue of material. He has
released numerous albums; ep’s and singles over the years, which have ranged in
style from ‘Electric Blues and Hip Hop’ fusions (Every Man Has His Critics) to solo
instrumental guitar workouts (What We Cannot Hold). In between these releases
there have been regular bouts of ‘Lo-Fi’ folk (All That Glitters is Not Gold) and the
odd dabbling as an acoustic balladeer (Whispers from a Kind River), but for now,
he has settled on the more experimental country blues sound that can be found on
his ‘Strangers Here’ album.

All of Scott’s work evokes a wide range of emotions and feelings from his
listeners, as he tackles subjects such as love, life, death, loss, hope and the
possibility of being ‘wrong’ about everything.

Throughout the year, Scott plays extensive shows all over the UK, both
as a solo performer and as a part of various duos and bands. Every performance
is delivered with creativity, passion and a large dose homespun humour.