Prince Omari

Prince Omari is an unsigned upcoming artist from Huddersfield (West Yorkshire). He began his musical journey when he was 15 years old and it has always been something that he’s strived to turn in to professional career ever since. The main style of music he tends to create is a mixture hip hop/afro as the majority of the choruses within his songs are based on melodies along with the inclusion of rap in the verses. The main thing that influences his writing and music is life experiences and he always aim to express his personality through the songs he records. The ‘upbeat’ style Prince Omari brings is something fresh and different to what listeners may have previously heard on radio.

Prince Omari has recently opened up for ‘Afro B’ in Birmingham, performed at Huddersfield and Deighton Carnival, Leeds Carnival event in 2017, U18 Roadblock events in Wrexham, Hull and Huddersfield and TOKYO nightclub on a number of occasions. Through his music, he’s aiming to be a positive influence within the UK music industry and hopes to become an inspiration to fellow artists/young creatives from his hometown by showing them that it’s possible to be someone regardless of where you’re from.