Post War Glamour Girls Live Album Close To Selling Out

I say it every year, but this year’s live album really was my favourite show ever. If you weren’t there, well I pity you, but you are still able to accurately pretend you were by purchasing the vinyl of the live record, which is now getting close to selling out.

The show felt different to previous ones for a few reasons. For one, it felt like there was more at stake. The scale of the tech the band and Greenmount were using, the amount of instruments and performers, the vastly altered songs. I was scared for them. And when the power cut just as the first song was reaching its 8th minute…

But the band were utterly sublime. As I said to the audience after the tape stopped rolling; to pull off that performance in one take, surrounded by an audience, photographers and a film crew mere centimetres from your face is unreal. The effort and skill from Greenmount Studios was equally impressive. I was so proud of everyone involved.

It’s also been amazing to work with Philophobia Music and Hide & Seek Records to allow this beautiful thing to be released on vinyl. All the funds from the sales go direct to those labels, so it’s a double win if you take a punt on this now very limited item. Treat yourself!

The record is available here and here.