Peter Hook & The Light

First revisiting Joy Division’s seminal albums “Unknown Pleasures” back in May 2010 for a commemorative charity concert and following it with new albums performed live from the repertoire of Hooky’s bands, New Order and Joy Division, Peter Hook & The Light have now moved through the albums from those bands to great acclaim and have just finished up a world-wide tour of Factory Records “Substance” compilation albums.

The Light also just performed their first dates for the next leg of their journey through Hooky’s catalogue as with the debut shows of New Order’s “Technique” and “Republic” in the UK in September 2018.

Hooky’s dedication to his back catalogue has seen him move through “Closer”, “Still”, “Movement”, “Power Corruption & Lies”, “Low Life”, “Brotherhood”. “Technique” and “Republic” to arrive at this point and having toured extensively with the band, The Light have come to amass well over 500 shows in the eight years since their first concert Reintroducing Hooky’s early repertoire to a host of new audiences across festivals and dates in the The Light have taken headline slots at Kendal Calling, Bestival, Primavera Sound, Benicassim, 1234 and other European and world festivals.

The band’s sets feature both the well and lesser known material from both bands which they have played so far along their journey. With the band having performed every Joy Division and New Order song ever released up until the mid Nineties, these sets are far from just a greatest hits but also selection of little heard fan favourites alongside the instantly recognisable classics.