Officially The Biggest Long Division Yet

We are thoroughly pleased to announce a fresh group or musicians and artists due to appear at Long Division Festival in Wakefield this June.

Aside of adding nearly forty more musical artists to the lineup – including The Surfing Magazines, The Membranes, Fizzy Blood and Life – we’ve brought on some great sponsors and partners such as Wakefield College, Jolly Boys Brewery, DMF Digital, Come Play With Me, Higher Rhythm, and Girls That Gig and expanded our venues to include fifteen, with alot more to come.

We’ve also revealed our thirteen commissioned artists who will create new work under the banner of our “Manifesto For A New Wakefield” project. The various works include contemporary dance, public photography projects, newly commissioned poetry, a neon exhibition and new theatre and music shows. These will debut at the festival in June.

Full access to the festival is £25 but limited free access tickets are available too. Check out our ticket page for more detail.