Long Division Saturday: What You Need To Know

Ok everyone, here is the essential information for our big day on Saturday.

The wristband exchange is at Wakefield One. That’s Cliff Lane, WF1 2EB. It’s opposite Westgate Train Station and is also the location of Wakefield Museum .

Regardless of what ticket you have, this is where you switch it for a wristband. It opens at 11am and closes at 6pm. We recommend you get your wristband in this window. From 6pm it will move the Warehouse 23, but that venue will be busy, so if possible, collect it before 6pm at Wakefield One.

When you collect your wristband you’ll be able to get a programme with a map and stage times but the most up to date schedule will always be our Clashfinder.

Limited tickets will be available on the day for £30 (as opposed to £25 advance) but these may sell out during the day.

If you don’t have a ticket, you can still wander into free venues. That’s totally fine. But if you have a wristband you’ll be able to use it to get cheap coffee / booze / books / food across town. There will be flyers for the deals at the Wristband Exchange. And you’ll also look cool.

FINALLY – and we can’t stress this enough – get down early for performers you want to see. It is going to be busy. Once a venue hits capacity, a one out one in system will be in operation. This WILL happen. There will always be other things happening in other venues.

And extra finally – explore! There is so much going on. Just get out there and see what you find. Have a wonderful Long Division Saturday and thanks for supporting us this year.

Tickets are still available: