Laminate Pet Animal

You may hear hints of Gold Panda, The Japanese House and Bonobo in Laminate Pet Animal; but the electronica trio from Leeds (UK), have quickly fabricated their own sound with organic samples, lush vocals and pulsing bass lines.

Having forged a reputation through remixing established artists such as Magic Man, KARI and many local bands, LPA soon found themselves getting booked to support key figures in the electronic scene such as Gold Panda, Emancipator, Slow Magic and Nathan Fake. They have also played multiple festivals including Live At Leeds, Sound City and have recently got back from their first European shows.

Solace is the latest single from LPA. The track is a hazy wash of distant ambience and intricate details. The song hints at nostalgia, reflecting on the acceptance of where you are, and the longing for being content.