Jolly Boys’ Real Ale Cafe

Day: ThursdaySaturday

Ticket Required: Explorer

Thursday: Ric Neale / Sophie Warsley / Poems Around The Piano / Henry Bateman / Paul Dale Vickers

Saturday: Ric Neale / Guy North / Scott WainwrightCasee Wilson / Louie James / Charlie Padfield / Jamie Lee & James M

The Jolly Boys have spent their working lives contributing via their day jobs to support of others in society. This moral drive is important to them. Couple this with a love of beer, respect for the community and pride in doing a good job, the boys made the decision to brew their own beer.

That made Jolly Boys an ideal venue for Long Division and their first Real Ale Cafe (opened Summer 2017) will be an intimate but well lubricated space for this year’s festival. Jolly Boys is also an official sponsor of the festival and together we will be creating the official Beer of Long Division. 

Access: Wheelchair Accessible

Family Friendly: Yes, earlier in the day.