Commission Update: “Landed” by Ali Bullivent

Our commissioned artists for “A Manifesto For A New Wakefield” are working hard to bring their hugely diverse visions to life. One of those artists is Ali Bullivent (& Friends) who dropped us an exciting update our her project “Landed” this week:

“I have been engaging with folk in Wakefield and beyond collecting their sounds, music and words from all corners including Poland, Kuwait, Zimbabwe, Syria, France, Mexico, South Africa, Botswana, Peru, Zambia, Pakistan, Japan and Wakefield. Fabulous musician and sound artist Jo Kemp ( is working with me to create a soundscape reflecting remembered and current sound worlds experienced by people who have ‘Landed’ at some point in Wakefield; alongside this, I am currently writing the spoken words with contributions from rap artist and wordsmith Nebu ( to be performed live with the soundtrack.”

Pretty exciting stuff. Ali’s work will be performed in pop up fashion across the festival on June 2nd:

12:00 – Elizabethan Gallery

12:45 – Wakefield Cathedral

13:30 – The Ridings

14:10 – The Art House