Arts Council England to support Long Division in 2018

We are very pleased to announce that we have received £15,000 Arts Council support for the festival in 2018. We’re deeply excited about what this funding will enable us to achieve and how it will directly affect the cultural community here in Wakefield.

Our key word for the funding is ‘New’. It will enable us to bring New Performances to the festival for the first time, meaning new musical genres and new artistic strands. We will support New Curators by directly funding people and groups to create their own stages, or work with us to create a more diverse festival line-up. We’ll offer mentorship and support where needed.

Finally, we will deliver our main project; “A Manifesto For A New Wakefield”. This will include us directly commissioning new pieces of work across all artistic strands, to be debuted at the festival. We will also launch our Seed Fund Programme which will allow anyone in the WF postcode to propose an idea for a creative project / performance to take place at the festival – we will fund successful applicants for up to £250 to bring their idea to life. After the festival we will create a physical “Manifesto” compiling all the new works and more, forming our statement of intent for the future of Wakefield Culture.

This is all on top of our existing pledge that at least 90% of the line-up will be performers that have never appeared at the festival before.

Details of the Seed Fund Programme will be announced within the next week.