Is Long Division really free?

Yes! Or, most of it is. Once we begin to announce artists and stages, it will all become clear which aspects are, but we have pledged 90% of the festival will be accessible for free. Signup for your free ticket now.

Do I need to sign up for a free ticket or can I just turn up on the day?

You can just turn up on the day if you wish, but if you signup for your free ticket it will give you access to our official and exclusive programme which will contain many offers to be used over the festival weekend and beyond, such as food and drink vouchers and special offers for attractions. You’ll also automatically be entered into competitions that run in the lead-up to the festival.

Is Long Division suitable for children / families?

Most of our stages in 2018 are suitable for families and there will be workshops and activities announced that will be specifically cater for them.

How can I apply to perform at Long Division?

It is rare that we will book a performer we’ve never heard of before. The number of slots for performers at a festival like Long Division are limited and much sought after. We aren’t looking for is not a particular genre – we wish to promote DIY artists who are hard-working and passionate and will help us promote the festival to their fans. If you wish to perform, we’d expect to probably have already have heard of you, however we are also here to help new artists break new ground.

Applications are now open. Apply here.


Are there age restrictions for the event?

For the multi-venue June 2nd event, some venues may have their own age restrictions in place, whilst some may have age restrictions that begin half way through the festival. As the venues are revealed, each will have it’s own restrictions listed.

Individual events around the Saturday will have their own age restrictions advertised.

How else can I get involved in Long Division?

We can offer lots of different opportunities for people who want to learn more about the industry, or simply want to help the festival succeed. From managing venues, to helping with press and marketing, there are plenty of ways you can get involved. Drop us an email at longdivisionfestival@gmail.com for more information.

Is Wakefield easy to get to / is it a nice place?

Yes to both! Wakefield is ideally placed for a city centre festival, being a central point on the railway network and just 15 minutes on the train from Leeds. The railway station is right next to the venues we use. And Long Division works brilliantly in Wakefield. Our venues are minutes, sometimes seconds apart. And in 2018 we plan to work more with the bars, restaurants and cultural destinations within the city to offer a full experience of the best of what Wakefield has to offer.