2020 T-Shirt Competition

Since the very first Long Division Festival, there have been t-shirts. Yellow ones, black ones, white ones, grey ones. Different styles, different designs – much sought after.

As it is our tenth year, along with our T-Shirt sponsor Now Serving, we are opening this up to you and any budding designers out there.

It’s a competition to design a t-shirt that will be worn by literally hundreds of people (oh yes). The winning design will become the official Tee of 2020, be printed by us and sold at the festival. We’ll also give the winning designer £2 for every t-shirt sold. Here’s the rules!


Currently a rolling deadline whilst COVID-19 is ongoing.


The design is for the front of the t-shirt only. The reverse will have a list of the artists performing at LD2020.

The t-shirt will be printed by Awesome Merchandise. You can see their artwork guidelines here. It can be printed onto any colour t-shirt (please specify).

We have a branding guideline that is available on request. However, this design is much freer than our standard brand would allow. The Long Division logo is not essential (as it will appear on the back) but sticking to the colour palette (probably) is. See below.

Aside of the colour scheme, get as creative as you like! Please send all designs to longdivisionfestival@gmail.com with the subject “T-shirt Competition”.